Month: January 2015

Flinders St & Settled blog,

flinders st combined 15

Flinders St Train Station in Melbourne is an icon to the locals, like me. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have been in and out of this station. Its not like it used to be though, with electronic gates now rather than people at the top checking tickets etc. People used to meet on the steps at the front, they still do, there was a phase that it was where all the crazies met.

I used to use the pedestrian tunnel in the centre under Flinders st as there were small shops underneath. One sold Dairy Queen Ice cream. I was a bit of an aficionado, there was also a shop in Caulfield and a couple of country places that sold “Real” rich dairy queen ice cream. It circled down on top of itself, one circle then a smaller, then smaller not wavy, not curly , I suppose like those toy circles on a stick for toddlers, ( you thought I was going to say something else…).

I also remember it was near an amusement arcade (pinnie parlour) but with electronic games. I must have wasted a bit of money there, Galaga, Space Invaders, some tank game I remember, the original tron game.

For those who sufferred me changing the blog earlier, I won’t be doing that again….sorry

Cafe art

cafe del sol - Version 2

One can become addicted to coffee. Side affects of not having it is that the person can become quite  grumpy, like a bear with a sore head. As Bernard means as bold as a bear (not bald as a bear but if the cap fits….), this grumpiness seems to describe me, probably more likely on the second day but if I am grumpy on the first day, I have a fall back reason.

But, my question is ,can one become addicted to painting the cafe where you get your coffee? I ask this because it appears to be a habit I have. Last night I drew a really quick one at the Princess theatre.

I drew “Cafe del Sol” two weeks ago but finally added colour, finish today.

They park across the road from me most days, although I wonder if this will end when holiday period ends. Great coffee.

Prashant’s use of local water in his painting inspired me to put a coffee ring around their logo stamp on top right.

PS don’t worry I have had my coffee today, so you can visit if you want.




The alley Dromana - Version 2For all those wondering, I was very nervous but presented picture to Tanni & his friends at The Alley cafe, they were very pleased with the picture and invited me to draw there anytime. They are going to frame the pic and hang it up. It was very nice of them they were very kind. They noted it was done in June last year and that the scenery and changed, I might update it….

Below is my homework for bootkamp Steven Reddy in colour. I had to guess the colours as he had not posted a coloured one.

steven reddy copy coloured

Cafe watch

I’m not a huge coffee drinker 1or 2 a day, except on drawing occasions. This is when I feel as though I am obliged to drink another when I am drawing in someones cafe.

Is obligation drummed into you as a child or is it a type of guilt?

Either way too many coffees and straight lines are hard to draw or paint. Recently I have finished a piece in a pocket sized sketchbook of my regular haunt L’Aqua, they have put a copy up on their coffee machine for the public to see. L'Aqua

I was in there today and some people were looking at it and asked the staff, “who did the drawing?” and I said I did. They said it was fantastic, I was a little stunned said thank you, grabbed my coffee and made a quick exit stage left before my head got too big.

But the story isn’t over yet. My daughter put my picture of this cafe on Instagram and tagged the shop. They replied to her asking to see it TOMORROW, the bosses are coming in on their day off……(sweating already….)

The alley Dromana - Version 2

Don’t get behind me.

I don’t know if it’s my nursing background or my behaviour has worsened due to my thinking about drawing everything , but I am getting very opinionated about people.
When walking for coffee if you are in front of me I will diagnose your hip or knee problems, I’ll slot you into a mental health category, all of which would lead to a drawing I would like to do because your clothing appeals or worse makes me laugh (internally). In the picture below I was thinking that Jabba the Hutt had come for holidays, so I drew him and his family, then today I saw his uncle also on the beach!!! (gotta do a Tommy Kane to that one…)

Safety Beach scene

Then there are the walking triangles, ( I have started to draw but post when finished).
The walking triangles are the heavy muscly shoulder youths with the 6 pack ado but waist that could still wear kids shorts. I might not out bench press them but I reckon in a good wind they would topple over and I could outrun them…

January 1

Patrick on train to fireworks

Catching the train to new years family fireworks.

Nephew Patrick, Therese’s arm and other passengers, happy and not so happy.

The crowd got nuttier as the trip went on, A large group of maori/islanders got on but moved too much to draw, (you can see my attempt at them near Patricks shoulder) and luckily for me they also got off early. It was difficult to get all the heads on this due to passenger movement. Why don’t people appreciate artists at work and stay still?

Colour to add