Don’t get behind me.

I don’t know if it’s my nursing background or my behaviour has worsened due to my thinking about drawing everything , but I am getting very opinionated about people.
When walking for coffee if you are in front of me I will diagnose your hip or knee problems, I’ll slot you into a mental health category, all of which would lead to a drawing I would like to do because your clothing appeals or worse makes me laugh (internally). In the picture below I was thinking that Jabba the Hutt had come for holidays, so I drew him and his family, then today I saw his uncle also on the beach!!! (gotta do a Tommy Kane to that one…)

Safety Beach scene

Then there are the walking triangles, ( I have started to draw but post when finished).
The walking triangles are the heavy muscly shoulder youths with the 6 pack ado but waist that could still wear kids shorts. I might not out bench press them but I reckon in a good wind they would topple over and I could outrun them…


  1. Hi Bernard, I think I trained with you PHH Group 1985. Seems like so long ago but then memories stand in time as if only yesterday. You were always the lovable clown making the mood light in difficult times. Think it was you that poured a medicine cup of glycerine down the front of my uniform during an early morning shift as we hugged our goodbyes at the end of training at PH. Have never forgotten that or you either for that matter!

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    1. God it’s been 30 years! I think I heard about the reunion after the event. Stayed in touch with Julie R for a few years, but no longer. Left nursing many years ago after having a family. Yeah I should have returned, sort of kicking myself now but happy selling vintage junk. Love your art by the way.


    1. Hi Bernard, thanks for the link. Went into PHH memorial page, the photos the faces I remember from so long ago, yet again, only seemed like yesterday. Thought there had already been a reunion years ago, but obviously old age setting in 😀 I sell my vintage ‘junk,’ however gorgeous, on eBay. I did come across C.S Forester’s ‘Horatio Hornblower’ Volume Two recently, “Hornblower Takes Command.” Lol, most apt. Wonderful old illustrations, you could give your own interpretation. Thanks again for the link, may join you all. 🙂


      1. HI Jodie, won’t actually be there myself, going on long service leave starting the week before. Yes the Hornblower stuff is good for my ego and the kids as it stopped them getting picked on as much for the name.


      2. Sorry Bernard, my discovery of this historical series of books was never meant to take a swipe at you or your family name. Just an observation of the success you have made of your life. I wish you and your family well and hope you continue to enlighten with your amazing talent.


  2. Hi Bernard, want to send you ‘Hornblower Takes Command’ 1958 if you don’t already have it. Some great illustrations to take a look at. Cheers


      1. Hmm … cloak and dagger … 🙂 It’s me Mr Hornblower, you may know full well. D Sorry I didn’t realise I had to log in each time. Anyway shall send the old book. Cheers, 😀


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