Cafe watch

I’m not a huge coffee drinker 1or 2 a day, except on drawing occasions. This is when I feel as though I am obliged to drink another when I am drawing in someones cafe.

Is obligation drummed into you as a child or is it a type of guilt?

Either way too many coffees and straight lines are hard to draw or paint. Recently I have finished a piece in a pocket sized sketchbook of my regular haunt L’Aqua, they have put a copy up on their coffee machine for the public to see. L'Aqua

I was in there today and some people were looking at it and asked the staff, “who did the drawing?” and I said I did. They said it was fantastic, I was a little stunned said thank you, grabbed my coffee and made a quick exit stage left before my head got too big.

But the story isn’t over yet. My daughter put my picture of this cafe on Instagram and tagged the shop. They replied to her asking to see it TOMORROW, the bosses are coming in on their day off……(sweating already….)

The alley Dromana - Version 2

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