Cafe art

cafe del sol - Version 2

One can become addicted to coffee. Side affects of not having it is that the person can become quite  grumpy, like a bear with a sore head. As Bernard means as bold as a bear (not bald as a bear but if the cap fits….), this grumpiness seems to describe me, probably more likely on the second day but if I am grumpy on the first day, I have a fall back reason.

But, my question is ,can one become addicted to painting the cafe where you get your coffee? I ask this because it appears to be a habit I have. Last night I drew a really quick one at the Princess theatre.

I drew “Cafe del Sol” two weeks ago but finally added colour, finish today.

They park across the road from me most days, although I wonder if this will end when holiday period ends. Great coffee.

Prashant’s use of local water in his painting inspired me to put a coffee ring around their logo stamp on top right.

PS don’t worry I have had my coffee today, so you can visit if you want.



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