Month: February 2015

Who says art doesn’t pay?

OK So not in cash, but then that has never been the purpose. For the house I drew below I received a couple of lovely bottles of wine and a zucchini. Didn’t do it for cash or anything, these gifts were a nice surprise

I draw because I like to, it is very meditative (spell checker said sedative?).


I drew this from a photo but I will go around and draw it “live” , they would like like me to  draw their horse into the picture. I’ll give it a go. Campbell says the horse is a good listener and I’m not a bad talker so we should get on. (no jokes about the long face….)


What I enjoy is  about “doing art” is losing oneself, removing from time and space. (Not that there is anything wrong with my time and space.) And I get a kick out of finishing a piece of work, even if I see issues with it.

Sometimes I get so lost in thought that  I have to remember to swallow as sometimes I forget and dribble falls on my picture (OK it happened only once and it was my picture, I suppose it saves on water…) but I do catch myself nowadays before it happens again…..

Cars, a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum (well Princess theatre actually)

cars colourA couple of weekends ago I dropped my girls (wife & daughter ) off to see a scars colour 1how .

I went to find sketching possibilities. Usually I do buildings, but these hotted up cars kept going past while I was walking and I saw some parked near the Exhibition building so I tottered over there sat down and drew thinking I would run out of time.

car 1 copy

It was quite busy and only kids came up and checked my progress, but then their parents came up and looked too.

I am the first to admit, circles (ellipses) are not my thing but I got settled in and drew these first 2. Then the owners of the purple one asked why I hadn’t drawn theirs? So I gave it a go.

The next day I was on my morning coffee walk and saw some old vehicles, I convinced my wife I wouldn’t take long and sat and drew again. (colour to add)

cars bw2

Unlike the humans they stay still.

I bet if they could talk there would be some wild stories ……..

Giving Feedback

On the weekend, I was quite chuffed when my daughter showed me this.

“Hey dad you might be able to use this at work ,”

I often get asked about giving feedback and this will be slotted into my utility belt to be brought out when needed

How often do you have to  give feedback, about work, about art, about life? you might use this too

Ron Berger from Expeditionary Learning demonstrates the transformational power of models, critique, and descriptive feedback to improve student work.

Let me know what you think.            batman sketch