Cars, a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum (well Princess theatre actually)

cars colourA couple of weekends ago I dropped my girls (wife & daughter ) off to see a scars colour 1how .

I went to find sketching possibilities. Usually I do buildings, but these hotted up cars kept going past while I was walking and I saw some parked near the Exhibition building so I tottered over there sat down and drew thinking I would run out of time.

car 1 copy

It was quite busy and only kids came up and checked my progress, but then their parents came up and looked too.

I am the first to admit, circles (ellipses) are not my thing but I got settled in and drew these first 2. Then the owners of the purple one asked why I hadn’t drawn theirs? So I gave it a go.

The next day I was on my morning coffee walk and saw some old vehicles, I convinced my wife I wouldn’t take long and sat and drew again. (colour to add)

cars bw2

Unlike the humans they stay still.

I bet if they could talk there would be some wild stories ……..

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