can’t think that word without Barbara Streisand popping into my head.

I have had a problem for a while. A view from my office which is often obscured by linen bags (dirty). Originally there was shade mesh obstructing the view. But this also blocked me seeing the snippet of sky that I could have seen. 




I didn’t know if it was sunny windy or raining.

Picture on left without linen, picture on right with the linen half an hour later.

The maintenance man felt sorry for me ( not really). So I suggested he put a bit of board or something up and he said why don’t you draw something from your arty thing (SketchBookSkool (SBS)).

Ok done. Well it’s been hanging there for a few months. At Easter he heckled me about not doing anything on my board. “Take it down I said”.  “I suppose I’ll see it next Christmas?” he replied. 


    So the last few weeks my wife has had to put up with this thing moving from table to table. I hadn’t worked on anything bigger than A3 size let alone on tin. I tried a couple of markers which didn’t work. Then when I started I had no idea what to paint with. My SBS friends suggested using acrylic (never used it before) on the tin. And the Tintin drawing has had acrylic acrylic applied (thanks my Dupont/Thompson JCD). 

My wife thinks I’m obsessed, I have been singing theme songs of the 60/70s from these cartoons. My daughter complained there were not enough females ( there weren’t that many female cartoons in those days but I have tried to balance things a little)


(Come on a little red wine in the sunshine helped the creative process)

But after all the feedback my Saturday morning cartoon tribute to my memories is done. All it needs now is hanging up on the cage and maybe a coat of gloss to protect it.


I’ll put more detailed shots on anotr page


  1. Can’t wait to see this hanging up in your office for a view… take THAT maintenance man LOL… bless him for feeling (sort of) sorry for the artist in a dungeon you mural should brighten your day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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