Bright (The last Pearl/caravan test trip)

Bright is a beautiful place, the leaves were just starting to change colour & Therese & I went up there for a week. Riding our bikes numerous k’s in different directions on the great bike paths. Now we are not long travellers, just casual riders but being able to pick apples from trees as riding past was fun and the occasional winery or cafe….

But first we stopped at Euroa where I redrew one of the first sketches I had in a sketchbook years ago.

euroa post office 2006euroa post office 15

Since last year I have taken on line classes Sketchbookskool, awesome art journalling, And Liz Steels sketching foundations courses. I reckon they are paying off

Whilst in Euroa I sketched a church and statues in VC park


euroa churchvc park 2





Bright itself I sketched a little but not a lot

The local churchbright church

and a man having phone issues whilst I had coffee with aunt and uncleeuroa1


Then while riding our bike I drew the rail trail cafe and a great car outside Marty’s garage in Porepunkahrail trail cafe s rail trail pontiac

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