Month: May 2015

Boyz 4 Brekkie

DO I drink too much coffee? Well only one or two a day, but sketching the action  and its area can be fun. I drew this at Mornington a couple of weeks ago whilst waiting for others to join me (I got there early to draw). My reference photo was pretty crappy so I went up there this morning and added my grisaille (from Steven Reddy Craftsy course). Then added the colour.

boyz for brekkieThe brown/tan here was from my finished cappuccino. I like using ingredients from where I am , makes it feel special???boyz for brekkie c 1


Below are my earlier attempts at Steven Reddy’s style

steven Reddy copysteven reddy copy coloured


Coffee shops don’t differ too much across the world, apart from the coffee. When I was in the USA  the coffee was weaker, except in Charleston near the Slave market.

There was a coffee shop and I was getting the lack of caffeine angries. We popped in and I ordered , the bloke behind the counter was from Melbourne. Best coffee I had in the USA!!!


AM I a coffee snob?



The big trip beckons

In a very short time we will be heading off for 3 months on our Great Pearl (30th wedding anniversary) trip Heading throughour trip mapped
the central area of NSW North to Darwin. Getting there for Queens Birthday Weekend then spending the next 6-8 weeks in the north west.


Not only relaxing but sketching a journal to add to the memories. But my kit is limited to one drawer which includes some inspiration and some challenges, I am going to some big places as well as the Outback so I could add as I travel but a small caravan will only get smaller over three months. My paints and pencils are packed away


and hence some of my pics still have no colour.

SO I have my tyre pressures sorted thanks to Martin B.

tyre pressures

and I have been practicing my country show/fair sketches (Red Hill Show)

bull judge sheep judge rh woodchipmany