Boyz 4 Brekkie

DO I drink too much coffee? Well only one or two a day, but sketching the action  and its area can be fun. I drew this at Mornington a couple of weeks ago whilst waiting for others to join me (I got there early to draw). My reference photo was pretty crappy so I went up there this morning and added my grisaille (from Steven Reddy Craftsy course). Then added the colour.

boyz for brekkieThe brown/tan here was from my finished cappuccino. I like using ingredients from where I am , makes it feel special???boyz for brekkie c 1


Below are my earlier attempts at Steven Reddy’s style

steven Reddy copysteven reddy copy coloured


Coffee shops don’t differ too much across the world, apart from the coffee. When I was in the USA  the coffee was weaker, except in Charleston near the Slave market.

There was a coffee shop and I was getting the lack of caffeine angries. We popped in and I ordered , the bloke behind the counter was from Melbourne. Best coffee I had in the USA!!!


AM I a coffee snob?



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