The great pearl trip 9 days in

it is the first of winter, but here I sit in 30′ shade  4 hours out of Darwin. T&i have been driving everyday for 10 days and this time she is sharing the driving. Very proud of her she is getting used to passing the road trains. 

53.5 metres and can feel them go by as they suck you in toward them. 

On the road here we saw this monument to an Australian version of the headless horseman. I have been reading Henry Lawson takling about drovers, and how superstitious they were and afraid of the night. Mainly that when they slept how their stock could scatter causing hours of extra work.

The idea that a headless horseman would frighten them and their stock was a myth in the Burke region. This tribute was up along the highway with nothing around it for miles. Each character block was one peace of metal, which was good for my continuous line drawing.


So far the only thing to wake us was a sprinkling of rain at 0200, unexpected as it was we were out of bed as if James Bond had hit his ejector seat button. 


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