An oasis on the road 

When you drive in 30′ heat for four hours across red dry soil lined roads with trees tha look parched, the flattened remains of road kill drying on the side of the road, and miles and miles of nothing but trees soil and nature and come across a place like Mataranka. 

A true oasis with palms and trees and hot water springs where one can sit and relax (for me that means sketch as  well as dip). In world awar two the U.S. army made the natural spring into a pool but only for their officers. There is a lot of old Ww2 sites along here where both the U.S. Of A and Aussies were based and trained. Very interesting and grateful


 When we were here 13 years ago it looked like it was still from that time. It’s a little better now

 It’s a popular place with families and oldies. The oldies we call grey nomads. Retirees who wander Australia in their mobile homes. Does that make us grey nomads although not yet retired? I drew and painted this while Therese  soaked a little longer.

You can see the nomads floating on their rubber nood. They stay in the water so long I am unsure if they were that wrinkled before they got in!

At the caravan park we saw lyrebirds, Falcons, wallabies and last night at 2 am wild pigs searching for food. Scared the willies out of me.. They ran off before I could get a photo. Should have left my shorts in a handier spot.

Bitter springs is a nicer more natural swimming hole where you drift along for 15 minutes among a natural setting with turtles birds and beautiful trees, as well as European and American tourists you also see more of the grey nomads. 


  1. Love the”grey nomads”…. Here on the west coast of Canada the kids call the older folk who choose to snowboard instead of skii….”greys on trays”

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