Every where you look you see something to draw

over a year ago I read Danny Gregory’s books creative license and every day matters (and now all the others). He talked about how sketching makes you see and experience evreything you see and do differently. You see a sketch in everything. 

You almost crave a pen in your hand and something to draw on. 

Add on holidays and you have lots to choose from but only so much time. But I am not a fast sketcher. So I get picky. Then there are times when you are given opportunity.

At Longreach caravan park( they called it that, me I call it a dust bowl with toilets from the 1970s but at least they were warm showers.

But these Brolgas appeared and I was able to draw and colour most of them at the same time



At Mataranka, where at least we got shade and beautiful hot springs, we also got lyrebirds. It’s the males with the colours.

Not happy with what I have done here but will keep trying. 


 unforunately I am not that attractive to them to make their tail fan stand up.

At 3 in the morning we had wild pigs snuffling outside our van.. I couldn’t get a photo , so how about a dead grasshopper, who very kindly posed for me



  1. Excellent bird sketches… difficult to draw a moving living animal… dead grasshopper easier for sure… I’m enjoying your holiday, not as much as you are, but it’s fun seeing what you are finding on your travels.


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