Month: July 2015

Going native

Travelling around these wide open spaces, and then camping with wildlife and others nearby, can drive people to do things I suppose they don’t usually do. Broome for example has a nude end of its beach.

Normally not an area we would stray onto, not that there’s anything wrong with exposing yourself to the elements, apart from burning your bits in the sunshine, getting melanomas, ” sorry mr Hornblower you seem to have a spot on your……” 

But as we walked back from our long morning walk the regulars are setting up for their stint.

This couple were playing bocce in the sand. Every time we walked towards them (no we weren’t doing circles!) they turned their back on us. 

The fisherman as we neared him seemed to have a belt with something like a cod piece on. As I got closer I could see it was a knife belt and his bait container strategically placed.

But what is it with the hats? Avoiding the glare I suppose.


And then there was the German girl who took her top off. Now my friends jane and Rohan were sitting next to her when I arrived. What could I do but draw her.




Broome and nature?

its been difficult to blog, with tanning myself seeing the stairway to the moon and being warm when at this time of year I’m usually cold. Broome is almost diagonally north west across Australia from where we live ( I think Exmouth is further but that’s in a fortnight). And our first real warm relax spot. Nice beaches with no crocodiles. 

 EditThe nature pictures are of people on the beach. European tourists who camped 10ks out of town overnight then come to the beach where they shower and sit all day, who can blame them?  


On the beach were our Aussie surf lifesavers, who kept moving their vehicle whenever I started to draw it.   


But all this beach scene practice helped me prepare for this one