2016- sketching cars from hiding to outing myself!

Sketching is meditative. Early last year at work, I read in psych journals the benefits of meaningful colouring in for adults.

The concentration required for colouring in (and staying between the lines) makes you focus on the now, the lines, nothing else.

Time slips away.

Sketching can do the same thing.

It does it for me. Sometimes I have to catch myself from dribbling as I forget to swallow. Thank goodness breathing happens naturally or I’d be in trouble. (And water colour and dribble don’t mix! actually they do and that can be a problem!)

cars colour

2015 cars

Recently I have been sketching cars. I know very little about them.

I know I like to concentrate on the curves, the windows, the engines. The last fortnight  I have been following around some “cruise” nights and “shine and show” sessions.


2015 under cover of sheds

But being a Libran it is sometimes hard to pick what to sketch.

The first times I was not used to public sketching and hid under trees away from crowds.

corvette blue

On the street in Mornington


I have overcome the worry about what people think. After all I am doing it for me, not for exhibiting, just my sketchbook. If people like it well that’s nice but I am not going to worry about what others think. Don’t get me wrong, part of me wants people to like what I do, but I am overcoming these self doubts, which makes me feel good about my art.

yellow imperial

Drawn at the BP in Baxter

See I can now say I do art!

hkfrd bw

Colour to be added, or print and colour yourself! Pre shaded

I still have doubts about what I do, I am struggling drawing people, but I am going to keep trying.

hornie bgnd 1

actually 2016 not 2015

There’s a new klass I do online about to start, with Sketchbookskool (SBS)(http://www.sketchbookskool.com) . So I’ll be doing a few different things.

So far I have taken klasses at SBS ; Beginning, seeing, playing and now we are coming up for expressing. If you want to draw may I suggest signing up for beginning.


Other classes online I have taken are

A couple of Koosje Koone’s classes- Make awesome art at- http://www.makeawesomeart.com

Liz Steele’s Sketching Now http://sketchingnow.com

& Craftsy course by Steven Reddy http://www.craftsy.com (dynamic detail)


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