Hot Rods @Phillip Island

Not sure if I am hooked or just romantically challenged by the idea of these old cars. Happy Days on TV , my mother looking like an old rocker in her day, listening to Buddy Holly, Elvis, who knows, I just seem to enjoy the old cars as sketching subjects.

mum syd keith

Uncle Keith, my Mum and Uncle Syd

Last weekend was the Kustom Nats at Phillip Island, so we got up early and Saturday and drove down. We were there early and parked at the Grand Prix circuit in the public parking area. What started out cool started to warm up so a change of clothes from jeans to shorts was called for. While that happened I did quick warm up sketch of this car that pulled up alongside us. orange .jpeg

I still don’t know what it is/was! And its even harder to tell from my loosener!

The owner got out and donned a PITH helmet! I snuck a photo of him and must draw him at some point.

There were quite a few cars, so hard to choose what to draw. I sketched one and was unhappy with my result! BUT i wandered on and settled down and drew this one.

13 dave

I was attracted to the radiator cap. Have to add some colour to Daves 29 Roadster

And then I sat down and drew Phil’s THIR-T-2

32  roadster


While I was sketching there were quite a few people coming up and looking over my shoulder. i have gotten used to that now that it doesn’t bother me and can almost chat and sketch at the same time.


He liked the pic and had his photo taken next to it. Off to BP tonight see what I can do>

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