Month: June 2016

In dribs and drabs

What do you do when your local coffee place doesn’t have a table to sketch from? And their service can be so quick you barely get your pen out to throw some ink down?

 Well you try to fix a spot (in the corner between the fridge and the wall) and draw what you can while you wait. (Try not to be rude to customers who get in your way to order the delicious stuff in front of you, “I think I’ll have  umm, what’s that? Does it have nuts in it?). Then you do the same over the next few weeks until you get a chance to paint.

That’s how I got Provincia finished, even the girls working are amalgams as they weren’t always on when I was there. ( I know how inconsiderate, haha).
Provincia Food store 

Draw what you enjoy

One of my classmates from Sketchbook Skool asked me sarcastically if I liked to draw cars. It got me thinking as to what makes me choose what I do draw.

For me it’s not an easy process to choose. Either because if you believe the stars it’s because I am a Libran and it takes me a while to make up my mind. Or does it take me so long because I am mentally assessing each choice. When I go to a restaurant I often choose a seafood combination stir fry rather than say a fish stir fry , because then I get the lot rather than having to choose just one thing.

How does that translate into what I sketch? Recently I attended a Liz Steel workshop (again I say thanks I learnt so much). Liz sat us and pointed to a couple of choices, a hotel alone, the hotel and the streetscape, or a corner. I couldn’t just do the hotel, I had to go the smorgasbord.  

I did actually do the hotel alone  as well (below). 

With cars I worry I spend too much time choosing what I like. It is much easier when someone asks me to sketch their car. Or if I am there early and there is only a couple of choices, such as “funrod” below.

Or when I urban sketch I may not like what others are drawing so I go to look for something I prefer. When we went into Melbourne last month near the age building, I went and drew trains.
I wonder what others do?

1967 Mk2 Cortina Savage

In some ways the introduction ( or should I say reintroduction) of art into my life could be considered expensive when I am buying new books/supplies/courses. It has really been an investment in enjoyment, relaxation and I suppose wellbeing. Creativity can do that. And I don’t just mean art, think of cooking a meal that people tell you they enjoyed, that’s creativity.!

When I compare the money I spend on my creativity, I think at least I don’t smoke or drink too much, ok I overindulge in IT ( I still don’t have an Iwatch(yet)).I enjoy sketching cars, at least I am not spending the money these folks do, but they get immense pleasure from them. I have asked them about their cars before but now I might try and put a bit of story behind why they love their cars and see the creativity in application to their vehicles.

Let me know what you think of the new blog idea.

At the Packenham fund raiser for the Royal Children’s hospital was this gorgeous Cortina. Tim the owner asked if I’d sketch it. Sure. Tim gave me some details. But I certainly felt his love for this car. So much so he bought it twice!

It’s a 1967 Mk2 Cortina Savage. Savage being a name given to them by the company (Race Proved) in England that modified them with the V6.

You could buy these through the Ford dealers in the UK.

This one is a replica and there are very few originals left in the world and I believe only one or two in Aus.

Tim and the previous owner have used it in Hillclimbs and sprints on tracks around the country including Phillip Island, Sandown, Mt Tarangower, Leyburn in Queensland, Symonds Plains in Tasmania since 1997. Race Numbers have changed over the years so none that has stuck.

Tim told me, “I like it a lot because it is so different and a pleasure to drive.

I first bought the car in 2005 then sold it in 2008, I then bought it back in 2015 (one of those things i shouldn’t have sold but I was lucky to get the opportunity to but is back). I like it because it is a great combination of V6 power and great handling and it looks pretty cool. Always gets a few lookers at the races and shows.”