Draw what you enjoy

One of my classmates from Sketchbook Skool asked me sarcastically if I liked to draw cars. It got me thinking as to what makes me choose what I do draw.

For me it’s not an easy process to choose. Either because if you believe the stars it’s because I am a Libran and it takes me a while to make up my mind. Or does it take me so long because I am mentally assessing each choice. When I go to a restaurant I often choose a seafood combination stir fry rather than say a fish stir fry , because then I get the lot rather than having to choose just one thing.

How does that translate into what I sketch? Recently I attended a Liz Steel workshop (again I say thanks I learnt so much). Liz sat us and pointed to a couple of choices, a hotel alone, the hotel and the streetscape, or a corner. I couldn’t just do the hotel, I had to go the smorgasbord.  

I did actually do the hotel alone  as well (below). 

With cars I worry I spend too much time choosing what I like. It is much easier when someone asks me to sketch their car. Or if I am there early and there is only a couple of choices, such as “funrod” below.

Or when I urban sketch I may not like what others are drawing so I go to look for something I prefer. When we went into Melbourne last month near the age building, I went and drew trains.
I wonder what others do?

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