Hobart Day 4 – Half day of sketching

I only had a half day this day to sketch as T’s course fininshed at 1300. So out at 0800, The Theatre Royal was my aim, as one of the oldest theatre in Australia I decided to give it a go. (click here for a bit of history about it).

Blast and dagnammit its a construction zone for the Hospital. OH well serendipity! P1190190.JPG

Couldn’t get the angle I would have liked, but the foreman did move a big truck when he saw what i was doing. Very Kind of him! I ended up on some concrete steps which turned out to be the secret smoking spot! I met Theo who had lived all his life in Hobart. HE said he liked the lifestyle here better than Greece where he had lived for 10 years????

Anyway, lovely sunshine (cool air). theatre-royal-hobart

This is what I got done on site and will add the name etc later.

Although sunny it was still a little cool so I wanted to sit in the sun for comfort! I had seen the postoffice and thought I would give that street scene a go. I still had a bit of time. Coffee to charge my insides up.

post office Murray st hobart.jpeg

Again on a hill and I had to keep moving to stay in the sun! Need to complete the lower levels of the post office corner details.

Headed back to the motel and stopped in at the coffeee shop to add some detail but still to complete.mulberry-st-cafe

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