Dromana art show- I won a prize

I entered my first art show, one held every year locally. Dromana Art Show.

My kids went to school there and many years ago I did calligraphy prize certificates for them, so I chose this one to be my first “Just do it” entry. 

Up until now I have only done art in my sketchbooks, so actually working on watercolour paper was an eerie feeling. I wasn’t entering to win any prizes, I just wanted the experience. I chose a local cafe sketch I had done in my sketchbook – The Alley, flinders st station, and a hottted up model t ford I liked doing in my sketchbook.

I had to decide what size to enter. I had been doing a few A4 size sketchbook and the entry fee for A4 and under was $10 each, so I told myself I could do 4 in under 2 months. I did 3. So paid my $40 and ended up ‘donating’10.

Then I had to say how much each was worth. If one sold the art show earned 1/4 for local charities and the school.

I had no idea so I said $160. It wasn’t about the money…

 I worked on all 4 at the same time, all with a little pencil of basic shapes, looking at Flinders st now I should have raised it up and a little off centre…..

When I painted this the sky on the right “ran” and lead to the blue line so I had to give the whole sky this happy mistake look…..

I used a brush pen for the hot rod to push myself to get a bit intricate with it. I debated really hard whether to add more background and in the end just stayed plain. At this stage I abandoned the 4th picture.

All three had 4 stages, pencil outline, ink lines, grisaille (shade) then watercolour.
Each phase has its own enjoyment, getting those bricks in, choosing which music to play whilst working, drawing little dogs…

Then they needed framing. Never done that before so off I toddled down to the local Dromana man who charged me $75 per frame =$225.

I gave myself two and half weekss for framing, 2 were done in a week and Flinders a week later 4 days before the show, but I was not panicking (much).

Line work on left, grisaille on the right , and of course completed below.

Dropping the art at the show was an experience in itself. Some of my “fellow” artists were quite rude, wanting to drop off and run, not reading the instructions properly and blaming the system for their errors. I found it straight forward but entertaining whilst I waited my turn. The workers were volunteers trying to raise money for charity, they were very patient.

I was fortunate enough to win Best piece under $500 and was very chuffed I can tell you. I was rung in the afternoon.

 I couldn’t get to the opening night as I had agreed to run a trivia night for a work colleague who had cancer ( and actually unbeknownst to us passed away that night, a blessing in some ways)….

The Alley also sold! I am told the owner of the alley bought it, so I understand why it sold , but am pleased it went to a happy home. My wife wants me to do another!

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