Rosebud rock fest 

The clouds rolled in.

The rain held then sprinkled.

Still, I was able to sketch. I started off with this 57 Ford customline named after its owner Keala. She’s in the middle of the three ladies on the left. Plenty of room in these old cars, no wonder they were beauties for the drive in. I remeber my dads old cars where you could slide across the whole seat with no gears or handbrake in the way.

Then the rain did start to come down , just spitting but annoying enough to make my waterproof ink run…..I was about to move and it stopped raining. Ain’t it always the way? Corvettte, gorgeous looking car that I wanted to draw another one.

One of the people walking by told me I should draw the Volkswgon further along. Mmmm. Ok I am easily led.

The owner of this one told me it was a 56 beetle and people told me it was a fully imported, because of the castle didn’t have a name but found it cute anyway. Of course ther was coffee and people walk around sipping and looking.

My wife came down since this was a local event and she photographed me without me knowing. I was in the way a little but the car club people kept coming up and admiring my work. When cars came off the line they even directed cars around me. Felt like a celebrity with my own bodyguards…

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