Examples of Work thus far


Although some sketching, in fact quite a bit is done inside, I like to get out and use my own outdoor experiences at least to get the sketch down. And see the poeple walking past. Or like the guy in the red shirt below, sitting and having a drink (can of alcohol at 0800am)


Brisbane Old treasury building, Now a casino, no irony in that??? June 16


Errol St North Melbourne, not so lively at this time of the morning, the characters were looking at my shoulder asking me,  “is this some sort of art class?” May 16



Or sketching where we have been from a photo, I dont think I am losing my hair but in this sketch I appear to be??? August 16

Version 2

Flinders St station Maybe its about capturing Icons, such as FLinders st, whilst there is a wedding going on in the church behind me. Well, it was about to go on, but Grandpa hadnt arrived yet. It was very entertaining trying to sketch whilst evesdropping on phone conversations about where grandpa was. He was only 10 minutes kater than the bride. Apprently it was a bathroom malfunction…..need I say more.  Feb 2015


I drew the central part of the theatre on site and realised I should have gone smaller. Jan 15

Outside scenes


I couldnt draw this one live, I’m also on the back of a vespa but there is my wife red helmet and son orange helmet, heads swivelling like tourists do. Feb 16


Wife and daughter on the quiet street(?) of Hoi Anh Nov 15


Food stall HoChi Minh Drawn feb 16



Model T at Penlink. Some people put a lot of money into their vehicles. Me? I am attracted by the shiny bits, perhaps I was a magpie in a former life? Jul 16


Drawn on the ferry , wedged against the ships rail, but I wanted to capture it. Feb 16


Drawn Easter 2016 at Pakenham car display for RCH


The Winey Cow MorningtonThe Winey Cow Mornington. Sometimes its the happy waitering staff who eventually cotton on to what I am doing and want to be in the picture Dec 15

Laneway Espresso Dromana

The Laneway Espresso, and the Barfly, a fellow I see usually on the stool. Do all barristas ghave beards??? June 16 

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