Month: July 2017

Up, Up and away (soon…)

aeroplane in hobart 2Some people hate flying! Not me, I like it soooo much I don’t usually sleep on long hauls. I don’t want to miss anything. even just sitting there with my block out headphones listening to the comedy audio station when I cant keep my eyes open.

aeroplane cabin 1

The meals, I love the little packets, I’m lucky if I don’t drool when they are being dished out. And if the family don’t finish something, I will! This trip I’m on my own so better not ask the person next to me if they are finished or not!

And waiting at the airport is no longer a problem, I can sketch the scene around me. Although drawing the other people is a little more difficult as they are often tired and testy and wondering why i keep looking at them. This is easier on public transport as there are more distractions for them but in the airport they tend to keep looking in the same direction!aeroplane cabin 3

And then there’s the plane on the Tarmac. some airport vantage points are better than others.

flight plane to GC

The vehicles are a little harder to sketch as they tend to move off just as I get warmed up.


I haven’t drawn an a380 so I hope I get a good vantage spot.