Month: August 2017

Chicago, great place, greater people

One of the advantages of going overseas is that you as the tourist are usually happy. You look around at everything and everyone, looking for new views, differences to your normal environment.
The airport is one of the first melting pots of difference. You have happy families, angry families , sleepers, walkers,

One thing you notice is everywhere, is the ubiquitous eyes on screens, tablets, phones, games, laptops or screens.
Even when there are friends with people, they still have their faces in the screens. It was nice to see some reading books, magazines etc, perhaps their screen things had run out of battery.
And when you had too much screen time you would take three seats and sleep! The woman sitting up watching the sleeper looked as sick as…. i thought i was going to have to resuscitate her. Judgemental aren’t I?

And how do you cope with going to the warm northern hemisphere when you are leaving cold Melbourne? You wear your puffy jacket and shorts! Onto the plane. The girl wanted to chat but her companion was playing games, so she grabbed her food and ate. I felt sorry for her.
In LA airport I changed planes for Chicago. There was this bloke over from me wearing Pluto ears, smiling, laughing and having a good time. Although I was surrounded by eateries and bars with sport on all the screens, this bloke kept my attention, so i drew him. I couldn’t see the plane so people sketching it had to be.

Here is the A380 I caught (yeah someone threw it to me….oldie but a goodee) from melbourne.