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Hobart Day 3 Out of the weather

I  met Patricia again and we started to draw in the Domain gardens although the weather looked threatening. We found shelter but the weatehr was against us. We visited a lovely cafe that gave us shelter and great Jazz music. The owner invited us to stay for as long as we wnted and that we didnt even have to but anything.

We chose an old shop front to draw, Old Bell Chambers. apparently the Old Bell Inn used to be on the site and these were built in the 1920s.


I haven’t added the ground floor with the modern shops, thought I would retro the bottom, I have some ideas.


Meanwhile outside the weather was looking better, although snow had fallen on the mountain, blue skies appeared, we risked sitting outside on the balcont and trying some of the church building from a table outside


SO out we went, well that lasted 10 minutes before the rain and


Some detail to add to this. Tricias was much better. See her facebook on it here.

We walked back to The Domain Gardens and unfortunately had to go our own way. Great company and great sharer of knowledge. Thanks Tricia.

IAgain I did the touristie bit and took a pile of photos for later use. Again the rain came and So I returned to complete the Elizabeth St scene





The completed pic

Eventually content I wandered back to our hotel, but need to warm up so popped into a cute little cafe. Feddy the owner let me sketch whilst he mopped up the floor. Eventually I left to return the next day and add a bit more




Cafe art

Capturing the art scene of Cafes can be quite daunting. Firstly you sit at a table, perhaps for a long period of time, your coffee may take time to drink (and go cold) between putting lines down, or the waiter may ask you if you want anything? And you feel guilty for taking a table and not eating a lot…. But once they see what you are doing they tend to stop pestering you, and fill your water up whilst grabbing a quick peek at your sketch.


2014 Above is an early one where I wasnt brave enought to draw inside.


col hawthorn marios coffee house bw (1)

When I did sketch inside I hid down the back, nnot wanting to get noticed. I didnt need to worry, others were going about their own lives to notice a middle aged bloke down the back.

The Winey Cow Mornington

2015  I have been taking various online courses, even completed some of them before starting another, but what I Am getting from them is to just get out and draw what you see, hear and feel. Draw the barista, the mess, the organisation, the bitchy customers, or the happy waitress, customers, Just capture it.



2016  There is a  regular at this cafe who was sitting and standing and sitting whilst I was sketching this one. I couldn’t not draw him.



2016   Sometimes I don’t finish in one sketching period, sometimes I go back a couple of times to add onto the picture. The sketch of Provincia was one of these. We like to sit outside and watch the world or sit in the sunshine whilst having our coffee so I sketch a little then go outside. With the Provinvia cafe above I only draw for a minute at a time, a long macchiato does not take long to make , so often the decor of bowls and cake stands changes, but that’s ok.
Sometimes I can manipulate my view area, but on busy days I have to take the view that I get. Life’s like that. Suck in a deep breath, sit down and draw what you see.

That serendipitous position may lead to a different picture than the one you envisioned.


In dribs and drabs

What do you do when your local coffee place doesn’t have a table to sketch from? And their service can be so quick you barely get your pen out to throw some ink down?

 Well you try to fix a spot (in the corner between the fridge and the wall) and draw what you can while you wait. (Try not to be rude to customers who get in your way to order the delicious stuff in front of you, “I think I’ll have  umm, what’s that? Does it have nuts in it?). Then you do the same over the next few weeks until you get a chance to paint.

That’s how I got Provincia finished, even the girls working are amalgams as they weren’t always on when I was there. ( I know how inconsiderate, haha).
Provincia Food store 

Boyz 4 Brekkie

DO I drink too much coffee? Well only one or two a day, but sketching the action  and its area can be fun. I drew this at Mornington a couple of weeks ago whilst waiting for others to join me (I got there early to draw). My reference photo was pretty crappy so I went up there this morning and added my grisaille (from Steven Reddy Craftsy course). Then added the colour.

boyz for brekkieThe brown/tan here was from my finished cappuccino. I like using ingredients from where I am , makes it feel special???boyz for brekkie c 1


Below are my earlier attempts at Steven Reddy’s style

steven Reddy copysteven reddy copy coloured


Coffee shops don’t differ too much across the world, apart from the coffee. When I was in the USA  the coffee was weaker, except in Charleston near the Slave market.

There was a coffee shop and I was getting the lack of caffeine angries. We popped in and I ordered , the bloke behind the counter was from Melbourne. Best coffee I had in the USA!!!


AM I a coffee snob?




The alley Dromana - Version 2For all those wondering, I was very nervous but presented picture to Tanni & his friends at The Alley cafe, they were very pleased with the picture and invited me to draw there anytime. They are going to frame the pic and hang it up. It was very nice of them they were very kind. They noted it was done in June last year and that the scenery and changed, I might update it….

Below is my homework for bootkamp Steven Reddy in colour. I had to guess the colours as he had not posted a coloured one.

steven reddy copy coloured