Don’t get behind me.

I don’t know if it’s my nursing background or my behaviour has worsened due to my thinking about drawing everything , but I am getting very opinionated about people.
When walking for coffee if you are in front of me I will diagnose your hip or knee problems, I’ll slot you into a mental health category, all of which would lead to a drawing I would like to do because your clothing appeals or worse makes me laugh (internally). In the picture below I was thinking that Jabba the Hutt had come for holidays, so I drew him and his family, then today I saw his uncle also on the beach!!! (gotta do a Tommy Kane to that one…)

Safety Beach scene

Then there are the walking triangles, ( I have started to draw but post when finished).
The walking triangles are the heavy muscly shoulder youths with the 6 pack ado but waist that could still wear kids shorts. I might not out bench press them but I reckon in a good wind they would topple over and I could outrun them…