Progress –Accelerating my cars?

In March 2015 I had taken my wife to town for a concert, I was playing chauffeur. My intention was to sketch while I waited to pick her up. I came across the Hot Rod Show, where I perched and sketched until dark and hungry.


I really enjoyed the experience, but I know very little about cars.

It was in November last year 2015, that I went to Historic Sandown, thinking I had a thing for drawing cars. All I knew was there were going to be a lot of cars there, and I thought I might get some good photos to use. I was amazed at how much access I had to the cars and as it was quite warm, the pits where the cars and owners were.

So I sat and drew a few

From March 2015

They love their cars, they love to talk about their cars. Looking back I can feel my nervousness when I started to sketch. I became more confident as the day went on.
Here are a couple from that day.

Then a show ‘n shine was held in Mornington on New Years Day. The owner of the car on the right had his son also at this show and asked me to draw his car too. It was very warm when I drew the one on the right and learnt about being well prepared for any weather when I went off to try sketch the one on the left in the shade!


Then just after New Year’s Day 2016 I went to my first penlink (peninsula link) car meet and started drawing there. I have been there a few times now.

the white & Blu

This year I went to back to the Hot Rod Show much more confident. Here is a couple from March 2016IMG_0548


Easter brought another day out, this time Pakenham to raise money for the Royal Childrens Hospital where I did these two

Winter has interrupted my going and sketching outside in the evenings. But I can see improvement in my sketching cars that I drew more recently.
I’ m looking forward to Motorclassica and return to Historic Sandown in November.


PenLink August 2015,

I like the shine of pipes and open engines, so had to draw this model T ford, this time with a brush pen.