road trip

The big trip beckons

In a very short time we will be heading off for 3 months on our Great Pearl (30th wedding anniversary) trip Heading throughour trip mapped
the central area of NSW North to Darwin. Getting there for Queens Birthday Weekend then spending the next 6-8 weeks in the north west.


Not only relaxing but sketching a journal to add to the memories. But my kit is limited to one drawer which includes some inspiration and some challenges, I am going to some big places as well as the Outback so I could add as I travel but a small caravan will only get smaller over three months. My paints and pencils are packed away


and hence some of my pics still have no colour.

SO I have my tyre pressures sorted thanks to Martin B.

tyre pressures

and I have been practicing my country show/fair sketches (Red Hill Show)

bull judge sheep judge rh woodchipmany