Who says art doesn’t pay?

OK So not in cash, but then that has never been the purpose. For the house I drew below I received a couple of lovely bottles of wine and a zucchini. Didn’t do it for cash or anything, these gifts were a nice surprise

I draw because I like to, it is very meditative (spell checker said sedative?).


I drew this from a photo but I will go around and draw it “live” , they would like like me to  draw their horse into the picture. I’ll give it a go. Campbell says the horse is a good listener and I’m not a bad talker so we should get on. (no jokes about the long face….)


What I enjoy is  about “doing art” is losing oneself, removing from time and space. (Not that there is anything wrong with my time and space.) And I get a kick out of finishing a piece of work, even if I see issues with it.

Sometimes I get so lost in thought that  I have to remember to swallow as sometimes I forget and dribble falls on my picture (OK it happened only once and it was my picture, I suppose it saves on water…) but I do catch myself nowadays before it happens again…..

Cafe art

cafe del sol - Version 2

One can become addicted to coffee. Side affects of not having it is that the person can become quite  grumpy, like a bear with a sore head. As Bernard means as bold as a bear (not bald as a bear but if the cap fits….), this grumpiness seems to describe me, probably more likely on the second day but if I am grumpy on the first day, I have a fall back reason.

But, my question is ,can one become addicted to painting the cafe where you get your coffee? I ask this because it appears to be a habit I have. Last night I drew a really quick one at the Princess theatre.

I drew “Cafe del Sol” two weeks ago but finally added colour, finish today.

They park across the road from me most days, although I wonder if this will end when holiday period ends. Great coffee.

Prashant’s use of local water in his painting inspired me to put a coffee ring around their logo stamp on top right.

PS don’t worry I have had my coffee today, so you can visit if you want.



Cafe watch

I’m not a huge coffee drinker 1or 2 a day, except on drawing occasions. This is when I feel as though I am obliged to drink another when I am drawing in someones cafe.

Is obligation drummed into you as a child or is it a type of guilt?

Either way too many coffees and straight lines are hard to draw or paint. Recently I have finished a piece in a pocket sized sketchbook of my regular haunt L’Aqua, they have put a copy up on their coffee machine for the public to see. L'Aqua

I was in there today and some people were looking at it and asked the staff, “who did the drawing?” and I said I did. They said it was fantastic, I was a little stunned said thank you, grabbed my coffee and made a quick exit stage left before my head got too big.

But the story isn’t over yet. My daughter put my picture of this cafe on Instagram and tagged the shop. They replied to her asking to see it TOMORROW, the bosses are coming in on their day off……(sweating already….)

The alley Dromana - Version 2