Who says art doesn’t pay?

OK So not in cash, but then that has never been the purpose. For the house I drew below I received a couple of lovely bottles of wine and a zucchini. Didn’t do it for cash or anything, these gifts were a nice surprise

I draw because I like to, it is very meditative (spell checker said sedative?).


I drew this from a photo but I will go around and draw it “live” , they would like like me to  draw their horse into the picture. I’ll give it a go. Campbell says the horse is a good listener and I’m not a bad talker so we should get on. (no jokes about the long face….)


What I enjoy is  about “doing art” is losing oneself, removing from time and space. (Not that there is anything wrong with my time and space.) And I get a kick out of finishing a piece of work, even if I see issues with it.

Sometimes I get so lost in thought that  I have to remember to swallow as sometimes I forget and dribble falls on my picture (OK it happened only once and it was my picture, I suppose it saves on water…) but I do catch myself nowadays before it happens again…..