urban sketching

Windy Hobart

Out with Tb off to her workshop, I went off to my self imposed sketching workshop. My aim is to sketch for the 8 hours and see where it gets me.

It was a windy day and got worse as day went on. I am still scratching grit out of my eyes……Anyway…

Met Hobart artist, sketcher and must say, very nice host Patricia Hopwood-wade, checkout her Art, but come back. We are both doing Liz Steels buildings course and we both tackled this complicated house with a curved balcony in Battery Hill.

We had a break for coffee and returned until middayish. Tricia left me so I went and had lunch in the “village”.

The Fusiliers cottage (built 1840s) was across the road, so I did what came naturally started sketching whilst waiting for my scallop pie. There was an old black Labrador sitting outside. She got up and visited every dog who came past.

When I finished I asked the antiques owner about the dog. Olive is a 13 year old who “usually” stays near the house, but is starting to wander a little. 

Then I wandered around and walked off my pie….. I tried to sketch but the wind was fierce and starting to rain, so back into town. I wanted a street scene and shelter. I sat under the eaves of some old government buildings  and started the scene below, but it the end the weather forced me to retire. I will get back to this…the perspective may look a bit odd, because I had to move , causing pillars to obstruct my angles….but these are the little happy misfortunes of urban sketching..

Yesterday I did this one whilst TB lay in the sunshine.

I do like using the brush pens, the one above is non permanent, so will have to watch how much water I use when colouring.